Streamlining Your Path of Exile Leveling Experience

general-discussion-coolest-wallpaper-path-of-exile-action-role-playing-picture-path-of-exile-wallpaperNot everyone is equally interested in the massive time investment mmorpgs like Path of Exile demand of their players. If you’re interested in skipping ahead to the ‘good stuff’ at end game, you can invest your own time, or you can make use of reputable services like’s power-leveling rentals. If you do want to raise your own baby hero from level one to cap, there are ways to make your PoE growth convenient and painless. poe-wallpaper-4

Always Prioritize Run Speed Potions

Would it surprise you to learn that the vast majority of your play time in PoE is spent, not killing mobs, but running through the empty spaces between mobs? Always keep at least one Quicksilver Flask slotted to make sure you’re wasting as little time as possible on movement. Once you’re good, you won’t need that extra healing, anyway. Quartz Flasks are also incredibly helpful for bypassing unrewarding, congested areas, such as act two’s monkey-spamming jungles. x360-dc9

AOE Beats Single Target Damage Every Time

This isn’t a game that favors individual boss runs for leveling purposes. Although bypassing unrewarding weenies is great, you’ll also want the distributed damage output to murder mobs with good XP or loot ratios, such as magic types (AKA ‘blues’). Pick a primary area of effect skill gem and continue to level it as far as your stats will allow. Examples of ‘good’ AOE skills include Cleave and Arc. As soon as you get access to them, remember to make use of AOE supporting gems like Pierce and Chain. 02_LATEST-STORY_Heroes_Sub-Header_140707

Don’t Be Scared to Be Boring with Your Talents

One of the things that make Path of Exile so unique is that it offloads the burden of offensive abilities onto its socketable items. As a result, you won’t need to spend nearly as many talent points in offense early on, unless you’re twinking for a very specific play style. Unless you need the offensive points to reach an important keystone like Mind Over Matter, try to get by with a minimum of them until you’ve gotten your defenses fleshed out. eqYz4rP

Don’t Go Fancy with Hybrid Defenses

Although PoE sometimes dabbles with experimental keystones that reward unorthodox, unfocused builds, most characters will benefit from picking a primary defense and sticking with it. In general, casters should invest in Energy Shield-boosting gear and passives. Melee characters will prefer Life and possibly shield bonuses (generic Armor is widely considered underpowered). Although Dex classes can get a great deal of use out of Dodge bonuses, it’s not a path for the faint of heart, especially if you choose the risky Acrobatics node. Don’t water down your defenses by trying to profit from three or more bonuses simultaneously. path_of_exile2

Know Your Crafting Recipes

Although twinked characters can safely ignore this step, newborn protagonists and anyone entering into a race event will want to have fast access to moderately necessary gear. Everyone’s faced the pain of the act one boss with no cold resistance, but that’s a self-inflicted wound, when you can transmute an iron ring into a cold resistance one. Two-Stone Rings have shored up the weaknesses of many a character with their unexciting, but effectively broad resistance distributions. Once you have those act one and two recipes in mind, your characters will be that much less at the mercy of cruel RNG for passable gear. And don’t be scared to use your orb currency to reroll items, that’s what it’s there for in the first place!