All-in-one Grocery Shopping and Menu Planning

If for some reason you can’t or you just don’t want to spend time going up and down the isles of grocery store to shop, online grocery stores allow you to order everything you need for the week’s menu on your laptop or smartphone. You can plan out all of the meals and snacks for each day, and then enter your list into your favorite online grocery shop. There are many to choose from, but it’s best to choose one that stocks all of the items you like and of course your favorite brands. There’s always the possibility that a few of the items you want won’t be sold in your store of choice, especially if you like to try out new items or exotic recipes. This is why it’s good to go with an online grocery store that allows shoppers to request that items be stocked in their store.

Even if you are not sure when you will need to shop online, it’s best to be prepared, and you can do this by registering at one of Singapore’s online grocery shopping platforms that stocks everything. This way, you already have your account setup with your phone number where you can be reached, your payment info, and your home address where your groceries can be delivered. This will also save you from any surprises because there is always the possibility that a store won’t stock all the items you need, doesn’t deliver 24/7, or doesn’t make drop offs in your neighborhood.

Look for a store that:

drop by and pick up items

Look for store that allow you to drop by and pick up items!

Will allow you to drop by and pick up items that you have preordered online

Sells fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, dairy products, and eggs

Sells everything from fresh, canned and frozen foods to freshly baked goods, household and pet supplies, appliances and clothing

Allows you to take items off your list or add items to your list if it is not already on its way to being delivered to you

Allows you to order in bulk or cut portions in half so that you can order a half a package of butter instead of an entire pack

forms of paymen

look for store which allow various forms of payment!

Accepts the forms of payment you are able to make

Choose a store that sells everything so that you can accumulate points quickly. This way, you have every opportunity to save quite a bit in the long run and get special gifts, perks and offers.
Use and Share Recipes

Some online grocery stores even have it set up so that you can buy ingredients from them for certain gourmet dishes. They even supply the recipe for two, four, or more servings. Here are just a few recipes you can look forward to:

•Cantonese Style Honey-Soy Chicken With Fragrant Rice
•Miso-Glazed Salmon With Cha Soba And Refreshing Daikon Cucumber Salad
•Baked Tandoori Chicken Wrap With Mint-Coriander Chutney

ProRedefined — Redmart Retail Grocery

You can also share your recipes with pictures on your favorite grocery site.

Shop at a site that allows you to see the label and packaging of each item so you can see nutrition information, read the list of ingredients and see the weight and quantity of the product you are interested in.

Make sure you know an online store’s minimum order amount so you are never stalled trying to figure out what to add to your list so that you can get that one item that you really need.

Many who live in Singapore have found that one of Singapore’s online shopping platforms that meets all of the above criteria is This store delivers to all locations in Singapore.

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Malaysia’s Youth a Top Priority to Petra Group and Green Rubber Global CEO, Datuk Vinod Sekhar

Datuk Vinod Sekhar who is known for being vocal both in person and on his social media presence, have called upon youth in Penang to participate heavily in social discussions earlier this year when he visited several groups of youth at four organisations in Penang to introduce and discuss about the Malaysian Movement, a social group he has founded with his partners.

In recent developments, he gained popularity among the community as he is seen as an inspiring leader, corporate figure and philanthropist. He not only urge the youth to speak up, he also provides a platform for the community to speak their mind and help them search for their voices. This in turn has empowered the youth to take the leap, and he stands committed to make that happen not just in Penang, but also other parts of the country.

According to one of the NGOs in the activity, Datuk Vinod Sekhar sometimes would take his personal time off to meet youth leaders even if he was on a family trip or vacation. This is an indication of his dedication to his effort, something only a true leader will project.

Datuk Vinod’s aim of introducing The Malaysia Movement to youths was to encourage public service and open discussions that are rooted in the core ideals of democracy. He believes that since the youths are one of the major sectors in the country, and the country’s successor, they would need a voice within the society to which The Malaysia Movement aspires to be.

When it comes to business ventures, Datuk Vinod Sekhar can talk for days about his belief and passion. He believes in the kind of projects that will generate business and economic growth for both the business and the people, which are equally important to him.

Ultimately, Sekhar aims at creating employment and wealth for the people, as a business entities generate profits. According to Datuk Vinod Sekhar, this is the heart of social capitalism, something that he drives to achieve every day. The passionate advocate puts the principle that “sustainability can only be achieved if it can be commercialized” into practice in his own business ventures.

He is at the helm of PETRA Group which is invested into a number of commercialized sustainability efforts. For instance, there is Petra Group’s subsidiary, which owns a patented process for creating “Green Rubber” which, takes the problem of discarded vehicle tyres and recycles them into a business opportunity worth millions of ringgit. The recycled Green Rubber has properties just like virgin rubber and used in several products, the most famous perhaps is Timberland which creates rugged outdoor wear.  See also Green Rubber Global.

The recently concluded KL Tigers Petra International Rugby 10s held at Epsom College proved to be successful as it brought together 120 teams from different categories battling it out to be champion. The tournament successfully bridged teams from different countries as they learned to play the game better.

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How to Keep Costs down When Starting a New Online Business

The hallmark of a successful online business is that operations are streamlined and efficient. Part of this involves controlling costs so that any entrepreneurial online endeavour does not drown in debt and overruns. You can take several steps to help reduce the costs of starting a new online business.

Outsource Expensive Functions

There are certain parts of any new online business that could require extensive capital investments if you want to take care of them in-house. This is true for payroll, order fulfillment and even network management. A way to keep your startup costs down is to outsource functions that are too expensive to do within the business. Many third-party companies and logistics providers are available that can take care of specific functions for your business. Outsourcing will reduce your startup costs and your overhead during the year.

Have a Paperless Business

Have a Paperless Business

The way businesses are run has changed dramatically over the last two decades. If you are an entrepreneur starting a new online business, then you should have a paperless model from the start. Do everything online. Use software suites, mobile devices new technology to pass information, documents and reports around digitally. Most vendors and business partners support paperless technologies. Your business can save a significant amount by implementing a paperless office.

Virtual Office

Opting for virtual office to reduce your expenses!

Opt For a Virtual Office

There is no need to spend money leasing a massive physical space when starting your new online business. You can reduce your expenses by opting for a virtual office. A virtual office package gives you everything necessary to run your business from any location. Things such as receptionists, video conferencing and faxing are all done virtually online. You also get access to conference rooms or day suites when necessary to meet with clients or employees. Choosing a virtual office can make a real financial difference.

Hire Employees with Broad Skill Sets

Hire Employees with Broad Skill Sets to reduce expenses and increase productivity.

Hire Employees with Broad Skill Sets

You are going to need employees when you start your online business. The key is to hire employees with broad skill sets instead of narrow specialisations. This has the advantage of allowing you to get more out of each individual worker. A single person could be doing multiple jobs instead of just one. Another benefit is that employees with varied skills are better at solving problems fast. Workers with broad skill sets will lower your costs.

Cost control

Track and reviewing your expenses for cost control!

Track and Review All Expenses

A final tip is to track and review all expenses as your online business is starting. You want to review expenditures on a daily basis. Use charts to break down where the money is going. If you notice one part of the business is costing more than the rest, then figure out what is happening and make changes as needed. If you are tracking and reviewing your expenses, then you can better control costs and keep them low.

You want to have an online business that does not waste money and that can operate with as few limits as possible. Controlling your startup costs is critical for the growth and success of the company. These tips will help you to lower your expenses and overhead when starting a new business online.

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3 Ways You Can Grow Your Small Business with the Right Email Host


Some people believe that email is a sub-par means of communication due to the prevalence of spam, but those people are greatly mistaken. For every 10 junk emails a customer receives there is one gem in there that they actually care about. That’s the reason people keep checking their email even though the majority of their normal communication now takes place via text message, Facebook, or Twitter. Sometimes, email is best. This is often true for businesses whether they are using email to communicate with their staff or with their clients. Small businesses that realize the importance of email can benefit greatly from choosing the correct email host. Below are X reasons why choosing the right email hosting service can help you grow your small business.

professional e-mail hosting service

#1 Prove to your customer your business is around for the long haul. Not all email hosts are going to be around in 5, 10, or 20 years, but your business will be, right? Do you know any businesses with emails ending in anymore? Gmail and Hotmail, while arguably more sustainable, have no guarantee of being household names in 20 years either.

#2 Look, sound, and be professional from day one. Sure transparency is nice, but if you are a one man shop it’s hard to be taken seriously in the professional world with an email like Conversely, looks and sounds much more professional. It’s also easier to remember.

#3 Scale your business with minimal effort. Stick with a mainstream email provider and you will waste a lot of time coming up with variations of your name, purpose, and profession that haven’t already been taken. Choose the right email hosting service and you can set up any email name you want within seconds and never have to worry about adding that temporary staffer, service or department to the email directory.

Email is a widely used and effective means of communication. Investing in a professional e-mail hosting service will make your business expandable and credible. Ask yourself, if you aren’t willing to invest in your own business why would your customers? Keep your communications from ending up in junk folders by ensuring they are perceived as “ham,” yum, not “spam.”


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Ensuring Top Dedicated Server Performance With Just 3 Checks

Dedicated server hosting can be an incredibly cost-effective measure for the business person who is scaling. However, there are things that you should understand before committing to a dedicated server hosting company. Here are some of the ways you can ensure top performance from your dedicated server hosting solution.


Ensure that your server is well protected!

– Are the servers physically protected?

When you are dealing with a dedicated server, you have more flexibility when it comes to physical location of the hardware. Because your stream of data is the only data stream on the physical server, a safer, more remote location is usually preferred in order to protect the physical well-being of the server. You also get much better digital protection because of the extra steps that a hacker would have to go through in order to access a remote location.

– Can the server host handle web traffic spikes?

Scaling of business does not happen in a linear fashion. Most of the time, there are traffic spikes that are fairly predictable, but not always. Many of them may come from a seasonal sale that you initiate; however, you may also receive attention from old search engine optimization campaigns that finally kick in. All business people do their best to predict these kinds of things, but the truth is that there is no 100% accurate method of knowing exactly when traffic will come. A dedicated server host (See Exabytes) that has the ability to keep up with your traffic spikes is perhaps the most important aspect of choosing a host. There is nothing worse than having your site break down at the moment that your marketing actually starts to gain traction.


Look for a dedicated server provide features that suitable for you.

– What kind of features are you getting for the outlay of cash?

Not all dedicated servers are created the same. Some give concierge service that others do not think about. Make sure that you are getting the absolute best value for your money by comparing the feature set of different data hosting professionals side by side. Be sure that you have the basics that you will need – do not let a hosting company get by with a frivolous feature as a cover for a more important one that is missing.


Look for a company has good reputation in the industry.

– Does the company behind the server have a reputation in the industry?

Make sure that you only do business with the hosting company that has a reputation in the industry. You can have an individual server with great performance to me: however, you do not know if that server will be taken off-line because of strife within a political municipality, the inability of that company to maintain that server or any number of other issues. The best server hosting companies will offer some sort of guarantee of uptime and maintenance that you can rely on. You should be able to look that company up online anytime that you want. Any server hosting company that strives to steer you away from soliciting reviews about itself is a server hosting company that you should most likely stay away from in total.

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Important Tips That Every Online Entrepreneur Should Understand About Success Online

Online entrepreneurs are becoming more common every day. Not every entrepreneur can be successful. Many things can make the difference between success and failure. There are a few tips that every online entrepreneur should understand in order increase the chance of being successful.

Seek Advice from Established Experts 

online-entrepreneurThe first tip is to seek out advice from established experts within the industry. Other successful entrepreneurs are usually very willing to give you advice about how to start and grow your new business. This information can be invaluable because it will allow you to avoid common pitfalls and plan more effectively. These experts often have insights that you might never have arrived at on your own.

Develop a Realistic and Comprehensive Business Plan 

You do not want to start a business without a firm plan in place. Take the time to develop a realistic and comprehensive business plan. Make plans for at least the next three to five years. This should include projections and desired strategies as you start to expand in the marketplace. This plan will keep you on track. Change the plan as necessary when you discover new things or achieve goals.

Assemble the Right Team 

You cannot be a successful online entrepreneur by yourself. You need to assemble the right team of talented people in order to drive your company and ideas forward. Find people who really understand the job they need to do. If you are uncertain about programming, accounting or marketing, then look for new team members to do those jobs. The right team will propel your online business to success.

Do Not Be Afraid To Fail 

The fear of failing with your online business venture can tie your hands. It can cause you to stop taking risks or to retreat in a way that stunts the growth of your business. You must never be afraid to fail. Most entrepreneurs fail at some point. Those failures become valuable learning opportunities that make future endeavours more successful. Take calculated risks and do not be afraid of failure.

Allow Employees to Telecommute 

You do not want to limit your potential talent pool to just people who are in your local area. You want the largest pool of people possible. The way to achieve this is to have an infrastructure in place that allows employees to work remotely. Telecommuting and online collaboration tools give you the chance to gather talent from anywhere in the world without having to rent increasingly larger office spaces. The ability to telecommute will attract a very wide range of talent.

Servcorp Virtual Offices specializes in giving entrepreneurs an amazing office space with all the features they need in one package.

Take Action When Something Is Not Working 

You need to take action fast when something is not working with your online venture. If marketing, products, a website or a business structure is not working well, then reassess it and change it to something else. You might have to do this several time until you find a formula that works for your business. Never allow something that is clearly failing to go on draining resources and hurting your business.

Be Judicious With Your Marketing 

Marketing is crucial for any online entrepreneur. You still need to be very judicious about your marketing decisions. Understand your target market segments and your brand before developing a strategy. Veer away from some potentially problematic techniques such as bulk emailing spam to random lists of people. Try to use precisely targeted marketing methods instead.

Always Analyse Your Competition 

A final tip is to always analyse your competition. Look at what they are doing right and where the companies are lacking. Try to find out why consumers patronise those competing websites or services. This analysis will help you to differentiate your company from the rest. It also keeps you informed about what is happening in the industry.

Being an online entrepreneur is not easy even if you have a groundbreaking idea. It requires careful planning, research and a team of talented individuals to make your vision a reality. These tips will help you to be successful regardless of your industry, product or service.



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Top Tips for Keeping Your Floors Looking Clean and Attractive

The floors in your home are one of the most difficult areas to keep clean. They are constantly in use and accumulate dust and dirt quickly. Spills can cause stains and pets can create unpleasant odours. Caring for your floors does not take as much work as many people think. Several tips will help to keep your floors looking clean and attractive.

Place Mats in Entryways

You want to stop dirt and debris from getting on your floors at the source. This frequently means the main doors leading in and out of your home. Put mats around your entryways. Those mats are going to capture the dirt on the bottom of feet and shoes when people come inside the house. Additionally, ask people to take shoes off at the front door to stop the soles from grinding dirt into your floors.

Get a Vacuum with an Air Filter

Some older or inexpensive vacuums can actually distribute dirt and dust around your home. This is because some of the dust escapes the bag or chamber in the vacuum. That dirt is blown back out into the air by the motor. This means your floors are not going to be clean even after you vacuum. The solution is to get a vacuum with an air filter. The filter will capture all of the dust and debris so that the floors and air stay clean.

Use a Cleaning Robot Each Day

Something that can help immensely is a simple cleaning robot for your floors. You can use something like the iRobot Scooba 390 every day to clean the floors automatically. The robot will move around the home by itself depositing a cleaning solution and vacuuming up dirt. Using a cleaning robot one or two times every day will keep your floors spotless.

Lay Down Rugs in Heavy Traffic Areas

Heavy traffic areas like hallways are difficult to keep clean. Far more dirt and debris will be in these areas than in the rest of the house. The heavy traffic means that dirt will be mashed into the floors repeatedly. Try to lay down rugs in those high traffic areas even if there is already carpeting. The rugs will take the bulk of the damage. You can then just pick up the rugs and clean them or replace them when they get dirty.

Periodically Steam Clean Carpets

Vacuuming does not always get everything out of your carpets. Some dirt might get pushed deep into the carpet or the fibres. This dirt can interact with moisture and spawn the growth of mold or mildew. Mold growth can permanently discolour the carpets or cause unpleasant odours. You need to steam clean your carpets at least once or twice a year. You can rent the equipment and do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning company. Steam cleaning will keep your carpets clean and in good condition or a long time.

Having clean floors in your home can make a large difference when it comes to comfort and air quality. You need to take actions every day to combat the dust and debris that gathers on the floors. Following these simple tips will keep your floors looking clean and attractive throughout the year.

Trending success stories of entreprenuers in Malaysia: Datuk Vinod Sekhar and His Great Creations – Petra Group and Green Rubber Global

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Datuk Vinod Sekhar’s Notable Achievements

A new Indian movie, Liar’s Dice has been jointly produced by Malaysians and starring critically acclaimed artistes, Geetanjali Thapa, Bollywood’s latest sensation Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It is directed by Geetu Mohandas and has been selected by the Film Federation of India as that country’s official entry for Best Foreign Picture at the 87th Academy Awards or known to all as the Oscars.

It was held on February 22 at the Dolby Theater at Los Angeles, and this is the first time a Malaysian company has had entry at the Oscars. PetraTara Studios is headed by Chairman Datuk Vinod Sekhar and Vice Chairman Datuk Eric Chong.

Vinod said: “Becoming the official selection from India itself is an amazing achievement. It is not just a proud moment for Indians, but also for all Malaysians and proves that there is nothing we cannot achieve together.”
Chong said Liar’s Dice had also been selected for screening at the Sundance Film Festival and International Film Festival in Rotterdam. “It won a Special Jury Award at the Sofia International Film Festival this March,” he said.

The movie had already won two National Film Awards in India for Best Actress and Best Cinematography – indeed, a big achievement for everyone involved in making it.

Vinod Sekhar is no stranger to the world of arts and entertainment. Known for his visionary goals to make the world a more sustainable living space, he was honoured as “Global Visionary Leader of the Year” by ALDA (the American Leadership Development Association and Leaders International on March 5.

When he formed the STI Group in 1990, it later formed a multimedia arm of the group and it was responsible for the first Malaysian joint venture to produce a movie at Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida (Tarzan: The Epic Adventures). After 1997, STI merged with other international interests and The Petra Group was created and Vinod is its president and CEO.

Now, the 46 year old carries an impressive list of achievements under his belt and it all began when he manifested his interest in business as a college student. He started a clothing line, Vincent Siefer Clothing Co. and formed the Sitavani Foundation which focused attention on the education of children and child development programmes. This was also the start of his mission to make the world a better place.

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E-Commerce Secrets That Can Improve Your Sales and Attract New Customers

E-commerce has become more accessible than ever before. It is a necessity for any company that wants to keep customers happy and grow larger. You need to know about some e-commerce secrets you can use to improve your sales and attract new customers.


data analyzes

Collect and review as many metrics as possible for data analyse purposes.


Collect and Review As Many Metrics as Possible

Data is your friend when selling through e-commerce. You want to collect as much analytical data as possible. You want to see all the information from how people find your website to what they clicked while navigating the pages. You need to review this data regularly looking for trends. The data can be used to change your marketing, adjust the website or target new market segments in order to improve performance.



Build landing page simple and user friendly with one-click method of reaching.


Use Landing Pages for Products and Promotions

Carefully crafted landing pages are one of the most effective ways to increase your e-commerce sales. They are inexpensive and versatile. You should use a variety of landing pages for your best-selling products and your active promotions. Make the landing pages easy to use with a one-click method of reaching checkout for just the products advertised. This gives consumers a fast way to buy products from your business.


responsive web design



Build Your Site with Responsive Design

You need to build your site with a responsive design. This means the website automatically detects the viewing resolution or device and adjusts the fluid layout accordingly. This is important because it allows people with mobile devices to access your e-commerce site. It is also important because it can affect your search engine rankings. Do not rely on a static site that does not use responsive design.


11street my

Online malls provide turnkey solutions for E-Commerce.


Think About Leveraging the Power of Online Malls

Online malls provide turnkey solutions for many parts of e-commerce. You should think about leveraging the power of these online services such as 11 Street in Malaysia. These services give you the ability to sell through escrow with a premade system already in place. You will have less overhead and fewer problems with fraud using one of these services.


Streamline Your Checkout Area

It is tempting to pile in cross sales and opt-in offers on your checkout pages. You want to avoid this common mistake. Streamline your checkout area so that it easy to use, clear and uncluttered by advertisements or random offers. A streamlined checkout area prevents consumers from abandoning the sale before the end of the process due to frustration.


Schedule Your Promotions

Schedule Your Promotions one advance in order to keep your website up to date and new contents over time.


Schedule Your Promotions Wisely

A final tip is to schedule your promotions wisely. You want to have a few basic promotions going at all times. If you have a new major promotion, then be certain to limit the duration to increase the sense of urgency in consumers. Do not let major promotions overlap for too long since this can create problems. Plan your promotion schedule at least a year in advance.


How to Improve E-commerce Sales in Your Online Store


E-commerce technology changes quickly and frequently. You need to stay informed about upcoming changes and new technologies hitting the market. Utilising these secrets will help your business to grow, bring in new customers and improve sales throughout the year.

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5 Things to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your E-commerce Website

You’ve got your business plan in hand, you have plenty of stock to sell, now you just need to set up your ecommerce website and start selling. Setting up your site in a way that makes browsing easy for customers will result in more sales and return customers. Follow a few simple tips and tricks that will keep your customers coming back for more.



Lead and distract the buyer by call to action.


Use a Call to Action

Buyers need to know what you want them to do. It sounds silly, but telling a buyer what action he or she should take when browsing your ecommerce site will actually make them take action. Using buttons that say “Buy Now!” or “Click Here to Save” will actually make buyers do what you’re telling them to do. It’s part subliminal messaging and part simplification. Customers can feel easily overwhelmed on a website; they’re also extremely fickle and easy to distract. Having a clear call to action will increase the likelihood that they will buy on your site instead of checking out a similar product on another site.



Always satisfied your buyer and do what you had promise!


Deliver What You Promise

If your site advertises inexpensive designer pumps, then you should be selling inexpensive designer pumps. If your site actually has knock-off pumps at expensive prices, you’re going to lose potential and repeat customers. Even though it only takes a few seconds to check out a site, online customers have very little patience and even less time. They want what they want, and they want it now. What they want is to trust you. If you deliver what you promise, your customers will know they can find exactly what they want fast and easy on your site, then they’re more likely to make a purchase—and they’ll be back.

Be Upfront About Returns

Make your return policy clear and easy to find, and deliver what you promise. If your return policy states, “30 day returns”, then your customers better have 30 days to return their items. If they return policy requires the return to be received in your warehouse or office by the 30 days, state that on the policy. If you have a blanket 30-day return policy but specialty items, like air conditioners and vacuums need to be returned within 15 days, make that policy clear and easy to read. If returns need to be received unopened and in their original packaging, state that too. If you charge a restocking fee, make sure to include that information. Customers who find surprises when returning items are more likely to break brand loyalty with you. They’ll probably also slam you on an online review site or report you to the Better Business Bureau. Let customers trust you by being upfront and honest with them.



Make your website easy and clean to browse.


Make Your Site Easy to Browse

Cluttered homepages and subpages can overwhelm customers and make them want to get away from your ecommerce site as fast as possible. Again, you don’t have much time to get a customer to buy a product. There are literally thousands of sites for customers to find what they’re looking for. If a site has too many products on one page or is not organized efficiently, a customer cannot find what he or she wants and will find a site that is easier to navigate.


5 Things to Keep in Mind When Building an Online Store

Build a Free Website

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to set up an awesome website that keeps customers coming back. There are plenty of platforms that offer free website hosting that have all the same great features the paid sites have. Don’t waste money on an expensive site, when you can build one for free.

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