5 Online Collaboration Tools That Every Small Business Should Use

TIf you are running a small business, it’s highly recommended that you take advantage of online tools to make your operations easier. In this day and age wherein nearly everyone is connected to the web, utilizing online collaboration tools is a great strategy. You can easily connect with your employees and business partners anytime and anywhere. Below is a quick overview of some of the best online collaboration tools today.1

  1. Facebook – It’s so easy to connect with people in real time using Facebook’s plethora of functions like its live video capabilities. You can also use the network’s messaging service and group feature to communicate with people working on a particular project.2
  2. Dropbox – This is without a doubt the best file hosting service provider today. You can store all types of files like photos, documents, and videos on the site. The site has a “Team” feature which enables you to set up a team that will work on a project. Members of the team can access and create changes in the project folder.3
  3. Google Apps for Work – Google has everything you need to collaborate with other people and create all sorts of materials like documents, spreadsheets, forms, and slide presentations. Google Apps even allows you and others to collectively design and build a website. And of course, Google also offers a lot of free programs like hangouts, email, and data storage.4 4. Skype – When it comes to remote video conferencing, Skype is the best in the business. You can use it to chat live with other people using either a laptop or a smartphone. You can upgrade your account to “Skype for Business” if you want to have online meetings with up to 250 people.55. Trello – This company is less known but it offers great services for small businesses. In fact, the site was built specifically for people who want to collaborate with others. You can create boards, lists, and projects then invite other people to contribute.

These are the tools you should be using to collaborate with anyone who has a stake in your business. And all of them are free to use. You will only pay a fee if you decide to upgrade your account to gain access to additional features and functions. Your responsibilities as the owner or manager of a small business will be much easier to bear if you take advantage of these valuable tools.

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Why Choose VPS Hosting? 5 Compelling Benefits for Businesses


In the past few years, virtual private servers, also known as VPS has become increasingly popular in Malaysia and other parts around the world. Business owners at all levels have found how these technologies carry great potential to improve a business’s performance and functionality. Many organizations choose to host their website and other applications on a VPS for various reasons. These factors allow them to experience exponential growth and stay on top of current trends in order to compete fairly in the market.

Here are 5 top benefits of VPS hosting for both big and small businesses alike.1

  1. Faster Performance The time it takes for a website or application to load is crucial for many reasons. Research shows that users who visit a particular site are less likely to return if that website’s page doesn’t load within 6-7 seconds. Moreover, sites that load with great speed rank high on Google’s search engine, hence they easily attract more frequent visitors and potential customers. VPS hosting simply allows online users to experience better performance and faster loading times from your site—essential for the growth of many businesses.2
  2. Easy Scalability If you’re starting a new website in the hopes of growing it into something big someday, VPS hosting should be a top priority. At least this would allow you to scale your hosting resources, without the worry of experiencing any downtime or technical mishaps in between. Depending on the resources allocated to your server, set them to any preference you think is most suited for your website’s needs. You may also contact your host and request them to scale your VPS plan if you find some of your resources are redundant.3
  3. Reliable Customer Service With any VPS hosting plan you may have subscribed to, you’re sure to get enhanced full-time support that’s willing to address any of your concerns. Any issue can be relayed through email, chat, or simply addressed on the phone. Having a fast and reliable service from your host is very important for small business owners. At least this gives them a clean and smart way to tackle problems that can likely become a potential threat to their sites.4
  4. Maximum Security People enjoy a high level of security from VPS hosting than they would otherwise get from a shared hosting plan. This is because all your resources are entirely independent of anyone else’s. It’s more like having your personal dedicated server in which you enjoy all client privileges. For example, you don’t have to share resources with other sites or share the same space. More importantly, the best part of VPS hosting is that your server host performs all the necessary security checks for you. At least this allows people to enjoy peace of mind, without being worried about experiencing alarming technical hurdles.5
  5. Both Time Saving and Cost Effective VPS hosting solutions are much cheaper than they used to a few years ago. Even though prices of a shared hosting plan may seem lower, the numbers of benefits acquired from VPS hosting are huge and time saving. The fact that the server is under the care of your provider, including its security configurations and other stuff in between, is really awesome! At least these superb hosting package deals allow clients to get the most of their time and concentrate more on important matters.

Above are some of the top benefits of VPS hosting businesses acquire after moving to a robust and reliable hosting service. Business owners can now enjoy peace of mind, as their online businesses continue to grow to greater heights than usual.  If you’re determined to take your online business or website to the next level, VPS hosting should be a top priority. In fact, getting VPS hosting in Malaysia is very fast and easy nowadays. All you have to do is find a reputable hosting provider that offers quality services and excellent, full-time support tailored to meet your website’s needs.

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5 Reasons Why SMS Broadcasting is an Essential Aspect of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy


With virtually every niche and industry crowded with countless brands, competition for businesses is tighter than ever. That’s why business owners often have no choice but to beef up their marketing tactics. The goal is to reach an audience that every other venture is working round the clock to win over. While social media marketing, SEO, and paid ads are all effective methods of getting the word out about a brand, SMS broadcasting is an equally beneficial strategy that no business should overlook. This short list contains the reasons why SMS broadcast tactics are an essential part of any effective digital marketing strategy.

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  1. Mobile Phones Are Everywhere – Not everyone carries a laptop in their bag, but nearly everyone has a mobile phone in hand at all times. By leveraging this basic fact, marketing professionals can reach a relevant audience at any time of the day, and provide them with important information regarding promos and offers for them to pick up on as soon as the message is sent out. This makes it easy to give real time updates that could generate profitable consumer action immediately.phones-hero
  2. Greater Chances Of Being Read – Unlike emails received through mailing list memberships, SMS messages have a greater chance of being read. That’s because consumers are generally programmed to open and read a text message, as opposed to reading emails which is often optional, especially when they already know what it’s about.product-catalogue_Header_1
  3. Prominent And Reliable – When marketers send emails to a person’s address, there’s a chance that the message will neither be read nor seen at all. That’s because some email platforms automatically mark messages as spam, filtering inbox contents and removing any emails that seem irrelevant. With SMS however, marketers can be sure that each message will push through without worry of being filtered or sent into a spam folder.ca55c06d-ac6f-436f-aa8e-bbe492cc1eea
  4. Short, Sweet, to the Point – Consumers prefer shorter messages that don’t require too much time or effort to understand. With text messages, business owners can be sure that the complete message will be communicated and understood. This is because consumers are more likely to read through an entire text message than they are to read a blog post, an email, or a piece of direct mail.personal-touch
  5. Personal Touch – When a person receives a text message, they often get the sense of familiarity with the sender because messages received on a phone are often considered personal. By heading straight into the prospects’ mobile phone inboxes, brands develop a more familiar and personal identity that improves their reputation across the board.

SMS broadcasting can be very beneficial, as long as it’s used the right way, and a marketing strategy will only be effective if it’s comprehensive. This is why business owners should consider to incorporate SMS broadcasting tactic into the overall marketing strategy, to achieve a wider reach, a better reputation, and increased sales.

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5 Things To Consider When You Need To Decide On Getting A Dedicated Server

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There are numerous hosting companies in Malaysia that offer dedicated servers for small and medium-sized business owners. If you plan on using this service, it’s advisable that you take the time to weigh your options to make sure that you choose the right provider. There are certain factors that you should take into account before making a decision, and these include the following:

Image result for The size and experience of your business

1. The size and experience of your business. This is the most important factor you must consider before you get a dedicated server in Malaysia. For instance, if your business has grown big enough that your website attracts thousands of visitors a day, then you need a dedicated server to act as a buffer against unforeseen swells in traffic. With a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about your website crashing and going offline.

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2. The disk space and bandwidth you currently need. – It’s hard to accurately determine how much space you need, but you can make an estimate by looking into the type of content your create, and the way people use your website. Needless to say, if your website contains sophisticated software like ordering systems, then you need a dedicated server to ensure that people can smoothly use these systems without hitting a snag.

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3. The technical support being offered by the hosting provider. – Customer support is very crucial to managing a business website. If the hosting provider is very slow in fixing problems, your business can suffer huge losses. What’s great about getting a dedicated server is that you are usually on the priority list when it comes to customer support.

Image result for Cost symbol4. The cost of hosting. – It’s worth mentioning here that a dedicated hosting is much more expensive compared to a basic hosting and a VPS hosting. However, the price is worth it, considering the perks and privileges that come with the service. The additional cost is peanuts compared to the benefits your business will get from the dedicated service.


Image result for expansion plans pic

5. Your expansion plans. – If you intend on expanding your business operations in the near future, you definitely need a dedicated server. Upgrading your server will be a lot easier because you have complete control over it. Since you are not sharing the resources with anybody, you can add or drop applications and software whenever you want.

Always keep these things in mind before you enter into a deal with a hosting provider. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to browse through several companies and see which one appeals to you the most. And don’t forget to read customer reviews about the companies to determine if they truly deliver what they promise.

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A Web Hosting Beginner’s Guide: How Does A Dedicated Server Work?

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A dedicated server is a full-fledged hosting service that allows users to have full control of their software and hardware. It makes hosting a series of complex online application and high traffic websites easy. It also renders authentic payment processing online. Unlike the standard plans offered by most hosting companies, dedicated servers allow you to fully customize its server. This means you can virtually choose and operate the CPU type, the size of RAM, disc space, programs and more in a flash. On the other hand, renting a dedicated server is expensive and may demand a high level of knowledge and expertise to maintain.

How Does a Dedicated Hosting Server Work?

Image result for Benefits of a Dedicated HostingIn dedicated hosting, each website is stored on a highly robust hardware known as a virtual private server (VPS). The server is usually divided into different virtual partitions to cater for the server software setup and all units to function independently. Although other websites also run on the same system, yours remains as the only site hosted in the virtual blocks. This means, the other sites on the same server machine don’t affect your website’s performance. You get the same server system resources (CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth) and all client privilege you purchase. It’s more like hosting each website in a special room with efficient resources to run it! You also get exclusive root access of the server, even though you’re still hosted on the same machine with other people.

Benefits of a Dedicated Hosting

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The benefits you acquire from a dedicated server are huge, compared to what you get from other hosting servers with standard plans. You get to choose and operate all the server’s CPU, RAM, disc space, programs, and bandwidth seamlessly. Even though you may be sharing the server’s resources with other users, your website’s functionality and performance stay flawless at all times.

 Whom is this server for?

Dedicated server are best suited for large companies with a copious amount of data to store, for multiple and complex websites, and for virtual accounts. Because these servers store a large volume of data, which are case sensitive, they should be located in a highly secured environment.


A dedicated server is way more than just any ordinary server, since it’s specially designed to take your business to the next level. It allows your site to operate at optimum speed and  to experience enhanced up time. It also adds an extra layer of security. Thinking of getting your dedicated server? Try this high-end and on-demand hosting service today, tailored to meet your every hosting need.

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5 Cool Tips For Maintaining A Dedicated Server Host

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Choosing the best hosting service for your website is an integral part of business growth. Finding the right hosting service can be daunting, but with the right information, it’s easy. If you’re thinking of expanding or launching a large business online, a dedicated server is a great option. Dedicated servers, unlike shared servers, allow you to solely control and maintain every aspect of your server software. This helps you save costs on network administration, internet connections, routers, and security systems. Here a few handy dedicated server tips you should know.


1)    Don’t forget to do some backup. If you have a lot of data stored on your server, a backup is vital so that you can’t lose potential data. Be aware first of the particular content that’s most valuable to you, then perform regular backups not to lose important files. Save your backup file somewhere else besides your server. Sometimes a server may experience a fatal crash and end up losing all data.

2)    Make a unique password. Always make sure your dedicated server has a unique password. A password combination with numbers, symbol and characters, and both lowercase and uppercase letters usually make a much secure password. Make sure your server password has at least 8 characters in it to safeguard it from malicious hackers. You can also change your passwords regularly as you see fit.

3)    Update your dedicated server frequently. To stop your server from experiencing any slow activities, you have to make sure it’s up-to-date with the latest version. Check with your software vendor to find whether there are any updates available for your server.

4)    Protect the dedicated server with a good antivirus. Security is a crucial aspect of every dedicated server. A good antivirus makes sure your server is free from any malicious threats online. Make sure you scan all programs before you install them on your server to minimise potential loss or damage to files. It is also important to use an up-to-date antivirus program all the time to fully safeguard your server.

5)    Ensure your hosting service offers exclusive customer’s privileges. Go for a web hosting service that provides special package deals to customers. For instance, your host should provide a guarantee on replacement of both malfunctioned and damaged products. Your host should also be alarmed to install any additional software if necessary.

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Thinking of getting a strong and reliable dedicated server? Dedicated servers, unlike shared servers, allow you to experience seamless installation of software and administrative tasks with excellent control. Your customers also enjoy the sheer amount of data and enhanced control available on their end. If you’re seeking help with dedicated servers in Malaysia, the country has an array of reputable services you can trust. The tips shared above should help you find a strong dedicated server that’s suited for your business needs fast and easy.

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Is Your Business Data Safe And Secure If It’s Hosted In A Co-location Center?


If you are running a website that needs a reliable server for its IT infrastructure, one of the options you have is to have it hosted in a co-location center. You are going to have access to equipment, bandwidth, and space at a fraction of the cost. This is why it’s the perfect option for owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Security is a common source of doubt among website owners when it comes to co-location. So the question is this: Is it safe to have your business data hosted in a server co-location center?


You Have Nothing To Worry About 
The good thing about co-location centers is that your server and its contents are protected by software programs as well physical security measures like fingerprint recognition, weight matching, alarm systems, and voice recognition.
Your data is also backed up in a regular basis. In the event that you lose some of the data, these can be easily recovered by going through the backup files. If your servers are secure, this means your website will have a high uptime rate because hackers won’t be able to hack into your system that easily.
It’s Also Easier To Scale Your Server Needs

In many cases, the data of a business get compromised when they try to scale their server by transferring from one provider to another. You won’t have to go through this risky problem if you have entered into a co-location deal. The co-location provider can easily give you the additional space and bandwidth you need without touching the data that’s already there in your servers. You don’t have to worry about losing data during a transfer.


In conclusion, hiring the services of a co-location center is a viable option if you own and manage a website for a small or medium-sized business. All your business data will be in good hands. If you need more space and bandwidth, just call the col-location center and they’ll immediately upgrade your account.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Warrior Class in Cabal 2

maxresdefault (6)

The warrior class attacks at close range, and they deal insane levels of damage to their enemies with a two-handed sword. It wreaks chaos and destruction upon your enemies, and the warrior class comes from the same roots that you find with the force shielders. The biggest difference between the two is that a force shielder focuses on the defence aspect of fighting while the warrior class is more like a loose cannon. On the battlefield, their very presence will increase ally morale and strike fear into the hearts of enemy opponents.
maxresdefault (7)
Features of the Warrior Class

As a close-range damage dealing class, you will need to attack up close, which can make you an easier target for the ranged opponents. Nevertheless, warriors boast tremendous attack power, and while their attacks are slower, they are still powerful hits that do a lot of damage. Gamers who choose the warrior class will specialize in wide attacks, but they will have less defensive abilities than the force shielder because they lack the armour. Once you reach level 35, you can learn what is called Battle Mode. You attain this ability through a quest, and you summon an astral weapon that changes to a scythe. During this time, you can use exclusive skills, but unlike the normal skills of the warrior, you will not lose MP, and you will have greater force than other skill chains. A warrior’s best feature is their ability to charge an opponent and cause massive amounts of damage.
The Playing Style 

In general, warriors love to use their Confusing Slam skills, which lets them charge their target and knock them down. After that, a good subsequent ability to use is called the Lacerate skill where you cause extra damage to the enemies surrounding you. Most warriors have taken a liking to Physical skills that increase the effects of Bleeding and Knockdown. Warriors also can use buffs that will increase the attack damage of the people within their party. When reaching an opponent close in range, you can use the broadsword to devastate them, and when you are surrounded by attackers, you can take advantage of spinning attacks to splash damage the other enemies. Good attacks for splash damage include Maelstrom and Sunder Earth skills. These are AoE skills that attack everyone all at once.
Why Play Cabal 2 as a Warrior? 

You should play Cabal 2 as a warrior if you like a more aggressive playing style. It is a close-range damage dealing class that can unleash a lot of damage. This class especially makes sense for people who want a straightforward character that deals lots of damage in a short period of time.

Warriors are easy to play in the game. If you are interested, check out the online games store. Here you will find premium items that add to your character, and it will make you a better player with items that give you an advantage. Overall, this is a brilliant Korean-developed game with stunning graphics and a wonderful story line.

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Server Co-Location Services For You

You need to get server co-location services that are going to help you make sure that your company is going to be able to conserve space. You have a lot of things that need to be stored every day, and you are going to start running out of room if you have not had everything brought together into one place. The host that you get started with is going to help you consolidate all the things you have on the Internet into one server. The server can be shared, or it can dedicated to your account.

You also have a choice of what kinds of servers you are going to order from the host. The host can actually make sure that you get the kind of server you want, and you also need to be sure that the host is giving you the specific server you need with the security and other services you need. Every company that you work with is going to set up something just for your business, and you are going to have to make sure that you are going to ask for the things you need when the needs come up.

You have specific needs that can be taken care of easily, and you can ask for more service any time you need it. You will be able to use the host to get more security, and you can call on them any time you have a problem. This also means that you are going to be able to prevent breaches that are going to happen when you are online. You want to be alerted when there is a problem with your server, and you need to know that all the information on your server is safe. You are going to get a lot of help from the host in the way of security, and you are also going to be able to use the host to get all your information stored if you need more space.

They are going to be able to use the servers that are going to help you make sure that you get more space. They will help you when you want another server, or they can just do the colocation again to a new server if that is what you want. You can move around to other servers as many times as you want, and you will need to be sure that you are going to ask any time you think you need more room or more space. There are going to be some great servers that you can order, or you can order the server that you think the host would use.



You will be able to move your server to the best place for your company, and then you will be able to change the way your information is managed. You will be able to save a lot of room, and you will be able to save money at the same time. You need this when you have Internet real estate.


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How Do You Handle Server Colocation?


You can get server colocation in Malaysia when you are ready to combine everything that is yours on the Internet. There are a lot of different hosts around the world that are creating space for your information, and you can move it all to one location. There are great places where you can manage colocation, and you can even get one large server that manages everything. You are cutting costs when you are using just one host, and you need to make sure that you have done something to help yourself.
The host that you work with can tell you how big your new server needs to be, and they will get you the right server for a lower price. You pay less maintenance fees on one server, and you will be able to manage your security a lot more easily. You can get the host to install all the security, and you can get the host to show you how they are managing the account.

high-speed-internet-accessYou get faster speeds because you have moved to one server that you can trust, and you can manage them easily because it is just one company. You get to choose a better company to help you, and you will have a much better way to keep track of your information. The host can give you information on how to access the server information from where you are, but the host will keep up with the same information.

information-about-us_0There are a lot of people who do not understand how to get to all their information into one place, but the host actually performs the move of your information from one place to another. It is pretty easy for you to get this done, and you can wait for them to handle it so that you do not have to worry about it. You get all the information you need moved in just a couple seconds, and then you can get on with your work.

colocationThe colocation process also allows you to move all your information to country you want it to be in. You can move everything to a server in Malaysia if that is what you want, and it will help you manage your information in a much more responsible way. Just imagine how much easier your life would be if you moved everything to a better country to do business. You have that flexibility, and you should take advantage of that flexibility as much as possible.

Data digital flowThere are many ways to manage all your data, and the data that you have can go to just one server. Ask the people who are helping you with the move how they will get it done, and you can ask them to show you what it means to get the colocation done the right way. You can save money on this process, and you do not have to do anything about it on your own. You can ask someone else to handle it so that you can avoid problems.

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