Everything You Need to Know About the Warrior Class in Cabal 2

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The warrior class attacks at close range, and they deal insane levels of damage to their enemies with a two-handed sword. It wreaks chaos and destruction upon your enemies, and the warrior class comes from the same roots that you find with the force shielders. The biggest difference between the two is that a force shielder focuses on the defence aspect of fighting while the warrior class is more like a loose cannon. On the battlefield, their very presence will increase ally morale and strike fear into the hearts of enemy opponents.
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Features of the Warrior Class

As a close-range damage dealing class, you will need to attack up close, which can make you an easier target for the ranged opponents. Nevertheless, warriors boast tremendous attack power, and while their attacks are slower, they are still powerful hits that do a lot of damage. Gamers who choose the warrior class will specialize in wide attacks, but they will have less defensive abilities than the force shielder because they lack the armour. Once you reach level 35, you can learn what is called Battle Mode. You attain this ability through a quest, and you summon an astral weapon that changes to a scythe. During this time, you can use exclusive skills, but unlike the normal skills of the warrior, you will not lose MP, and you will have greater force than other skill chains. A warrior’s best feature is their ability to charge an opponent and cause massive amounts of damage.
The Playing Style 

In general, warriors love to use their Confusing Slam skills, which lets them charge their target and knock them down. After that, a good subsequent ability to use is called the Lacerate skill where you cause extra damage to the enemies surrounding you. Most warriors have taken a liking to Physical skills that increase the effects of Bleeding and Knockdown. Warriors also can use buffs that will increase the attack damage of the people within their party. When reaching an opponent close in range, you can use the broadsword to devastate them, and when you are surrounded by attackers, you can take advantage of spinning attacks to splash damage the other enemies. Good attacks for splash damage include Maelstrom and Sunder Earth skills. These are AoE skills that attack everyone all at once.
Why Play Cabal 2 as a Warrior? 

You should play Cabal 2 as a warrior if you like a more aggressive playing style. It is a close-range damage dealing class that can unleash a lot of damage. This class especially makes sense for people who want a straightforward character that deals lots of damage in a short period of time.

Warriors are easy to play in the game. If you are interested, check out the online games store. Here you will find premium items that add to your character, and it will make you a better player with items that give you an advantage. Overall, this is a brilliant Korean-developed game with stunning graphics and a wonderful story line.