Ensuring Top Dedicated Server Performance With Just 3 Checks

Dedicated server hosting can be an incredibly cost-effective measure for the business person who is scaling. However, there are things that you should understand before committing to a dedicated server hosting company. Here are some of the ways you can ensure top performance from your dedicated server hosting solution.


Ensure that your server is well protected!

– Are the servers physically protected?

When you are dealing with a dedicated server, you have more flexibility when it comes to physical location of the hardware. Because your stream of data is the only data stream on the physical server, a safer, more remote location is usually preferred in order to protect the physical well-being of the server. You also get much better digital protection because of the extra steps that a hacker would have to go through in order to access a remote location.

– Can the server host handle web traffic spikes?

Scaling of business does not happen in a linear fashion. Most of the time, there are traffic spikes that are fairly predictable, but not always. Many of them may come from a seasonal sale that you initiate; however, you may also receive attention from old search engine optimization campaigns that finally kick in. All business people do their best to predict these kinds of things, but the truth is that there is no 100% accurate method of knowing exactly when traffic will come. A dedicated server host (See Exabytes) that has the ability to keep up with your traffic spikes is perhaps the most important aspect of choosing a host. There is nothing worse than having your site break down at the moment that your marketing actually starts to gain traction.


Look for a dedicated server provide features that suitable for you.

– What kind of features are you getting for the outlay of cash?

Not all dedicated servers are created the same. Some give concierge service that others do not think about. Make sure that you are getting the absolute best value for your money by comparing the feature set of different data hosting professionals side by side. Be sure that you have the basics that you will need – do not let a hosting company get by with a frivolous feature as a cover for a more important one that is missing.


Look for a company has good reputation in the industry.

– Does the company behind the server have a reputation in the industry?

Make sure that you only do business with the hosting company that has a reputation in the industry. You can have an individual server with great performance to me: however, you do not know if that server will be taken off-line because of strife within a political municipality, the inability of that company to maintain that server or any number of other issues. The best server hosting companies will offer some sort of guarantee of uptime and maintenance that you can rely on. You should be able to look that company up online anytime that you want. Any server hosting company that strives to steer you away from soliciting reviews about itself is a server hosting company that you should most likely stay away from in total.