Easy Ways to Get Online with Xbox Live in SEA

If you’re looking for effective ways to get connected to Xbox Live while living in Southeast Asia, there are a few easy ways to get connected, get Xbox Live Gold, and begin playing games with friends right away!

Just a reminder that you need high-speed internet access in order to play games over Xbox Live, else your experience may not be much fun.


Subscribe to Xbox Live Gold in SEA
The first option to get connected is to pay for a recurring subscription to Xbox Live. You can begin this process either when you first begin setting up your Xbox 360 or Xbox One, or you can do so at a later date. You’ll notice that you’ll have the option to connect to Xbox Live – and upgrade to Xbox Live Gold – by accessing your console’s user profile. This will allow you to create your Xbox Live account or add Gold features. The catch with this process is that it is a recurring subscription, which means you’ll need to make sure you can pay every period in order to keep your Xbox Live service active.


Use an Xbox Live Gold Card in SEA
A great alternative to subscribing to Xbox Live Gold is the ability to use an Xbox Live Gold Card (SEA). These cards allow you to pre-purchase 3 or 12-month blocks of Xbox Live Gold access without having to subscribe and worry about when your next payment may be due. These cards can be found at most major electronics retailers across the globe, as well as online from sites such as www.seagm.com. Sometimes, these online sites may offer these cards for cheaper than the regular subscription option!

When purchasing and using an Xbox Live Gold Card, you just need to Redeem the Code either from your Xbox console or by logging into your account on Xbox.com. Once redeemed, the time will automatically be applied to your account and you can immediately begin playing online games with friends or against them, or even against total strangers! Xbox Live Gold also offers free downloadable games every month, making it a tremendous value!

There’s only one way to play games online with Xbox 360 or Xbox One, and that’s to be a member of Xbox Live Gold, so finding the best method to get connected is important. Some options may be more affordable while others are more convenient, but you always want to avoid having your Xbox Live Gold subscription expire in the middle of your game, so stock up on cards or subscribe so you never have to stop the fragging!