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How Do You Handle Server Colocation?


You can get server colocation in Malaysia when you are ready to combine everything that is yours on the Internet. There are a lot of different hosts around the world that are creating space for your information, and you can move it all to one location. There are great places where you can manage colocation, and you can even get one large server that manages everything. You are cutting costs when you are using just one host, and you need to make sure that you have done something to help yourself.
The host that you work with can tell you how big your new server needs to be, and they will get you the right server for a lower price. You pay less maintenance fees on one server, and you will be able to manage your security a lot more easily. You can get the host to install all the security, and you can get the host to show you how they are managing the account.

high-speed-internet-accessYou get faster speeds because you have moved to one server that you can trust, and you can manage them easily because it is just one company. You get to choose a better company to help you, and you will have a much better way to keep track of your information. The host can give you information on how to access the server information from where you are, but the host will keep up with the same information.

information-about-us_0There are a lot of people who do not understand how to get to all their information into one place, but the host actually performs the move of your information from one place to another. It is pretty easy for you to get this done, and you can wait for them to handle it so that you do not have to worry about it. You get all the information you need moved in just a couple seconds, and then you can get on with your work.

colocationThe colocation process also allows you to move all your information to country you want it to be in. You can move everything to a server in Malaysia if that is what you want, and it will help you manage your information in a much more responsible way. Just imagine how much easier your life would be if you moved everything to a better country to do business. You have that flexibility, and you should take advantage of that flexibility as much as possible.

Data digital flowThere are many ways to manage all your data, and the data that you have can go to just one server. Ask the people who are helping you with the move how they will get it done, and you can ask them to show you what it means to get the colocation done the right way. You can save money on this process, and you do not have to do anything about it on your own. You can ask someone else to handle it so that you can avoid problems.

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Server Co-location Tips/Guides


You can actually move your server pretty easily if you are willing to take the right steps to get it moved. You can do server co-location to any place you want, and you can get it on a much better server. This means that you can go to a host that you are happier with, and you will be able to get some help with your server when you are not sure what to do. This means that your server will be in better condition because you have moved it to the right place, and you can save money or space by setting it up in a place that is cheaper.

The best part of this is that you can get to a host that is going to give you better service. There are many people who need better service because they are not technical experts, and you will be able to move to a place where you can get your questions answered pretty fast. They will always come out to help you so that there is no confusion, and you will be able to make waves with your servers. They will help you learn all that you need to know about your servers.

You can share space with another company if you want to, or you can put more than one site in the same server. You get to decide what you want to do, and the host will help you make sure that you have covered all your bases. This means that you get the server space you need, and they will help you get the service you need. There are many people who will want to have more than one site together, and it will be so much easier to put all these sites together when you co-locate to a better place.

The people that want to move will be able to save time and money because new servers are going to work better. There are many people who are going to help you when you make the move, and you will be able to make a change at any time to place that you like better. This makes it much easier for you to manage your servers and it gives you an outlet that you would not get otherwise. You might be stuck with a company that cannot really handle your devices, and that is going to make it hard for you to get the help that you need.

The server location change that you do is going to help you make sure that your server is in a place that is going to be easy to manage, and you will be able to get much better services when you go to a new company. The new company is going to help you make sure that you get the best services possible, and they are going to make it easy for you to know that your sites will all be in the same place and safe.


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Server Colocation facility is a web hosting company that provides the necessary infrastructure but expects you to do the set up for the server. You buy the server, the software and hire your technicians. The facility may at their discretion provide some of these services but it is not their prerogative. Server colocation in Malaysia is a big business and it is one of the most popular destinations.


When it comes to these services, the choice lies with some considerations. You need to deliberate on the cost benefits analysis based on well calculated and sound business financials.






How easily can you move from your office to the data centre? It should be a small distance for easier management of the facility.




Your business will grow and the server colocation service should grow with you. Aside from general provisions, you need to know how the data centre will offer on additional power, bandwidth and space connectivity.




How well does it function It is measured in Five 9s uptime? If it’s on 99.999% of the time, then it’s a five 9s. A 7 9S is 99.999999% uptime. It is an important metric since downtimes will kill your business.




How well is the data centre monitored and secured? What are the entry requirements and who decides what? You will need to have security for your expensive resources.




How fast and reliable Is the cable. Do you share it with others or is it dedicated, who manages the firewall and why? These are critical questions you will need to answer.




It is very inconveniencing always to change the service provider because it has collapsed. Look for companies with a long history of service and who have strong financial records. Take a look at their financials history, ownership and try to identify potential areas of conflict.




How long does it take the colocation server to host you after you have expressed interest? It should be as fast as possible. You want efficient and effective service providers whose word means something.




It is crucial to receive the prompt resolution of any issue that may arise. Every company needs a good customer service. It is the cog that holds everything together.




How well trained are the workers? Do they have all the needed certifications? Can they handle the type of servers you have provided?




Is the server colocation certified? Does it meet and exceed industry-leading standards? These two question can quickly answer all the others you may have on a server colocation facility.


Server colocation is big business and has grown over the last few years. It is a service many companies need and which is growing fast. Do your due diligence and make a wise choice.


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The World’s Best Gift Guide for the Online Gaming Enthusiasts


qn90KOiv3bCY.878x0.Z-Z96KYqEveryone knows gamers who love to play online as a hobby, and many of them are dedicated to it with the sincerest enthusiasm. That can make an obvious choice for what gift you should give them, but without being a gamer yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to get them. If your loved one has an Xbox One, you cannot go wrong by getting them an Xbox Live Gold card, which lets them play all their favorite online games.

What else could you get your favourite gamer? You could look at some of the hottest titles of the year and give them one of those. Some of those titles include:

maxresdefault (3)

  • Star Wars Battlefront


  • Fallout 4


  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3


  • Rise of the Tomb Raider


  • Star Wars Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire

Before you ever go to buy a game for your loved one, always check to make sure that they do not already have the title. How can you learn this without letting them know your plan? Ask them what they play and some of the titles that they are looking forward to having. In a lot cases, however, we recommend an iTunes card instead because it lets them buy the game they want. Especially if they are a PC gamer, you could accidentally get them a game that they want to play but have inadequate hardware to play. When you give them a gift card, it is less concerning.

A lot of the time, you can also get gift cards for specific game stores. For example, you could give them a gift card for Steam or Origin. These are two of the most popular online game stores. Steam is well known to many gamers while Origin has become a popular choice because EA, a huge game publisher, will only release their games on Origin.

What else can you do to find the best video game gift for a loved one? One of the things that you could do would be to check the reviews for the games online. If you see a lot of negative surrounding the game, then you might be better off buying from a different game.

A free Google Play gift card would be another option for getting your loved one the gift they want. The advantage of this method is that it is more flexible than what you have with getting them an actual gift. For example, they can choose the gift they truly want as opposed to you having to read their mind and disappointing them. While that method is still better than giving them nothing at all, gift cards can be valuable with gamers. You can also find out what genre the person likes to play and buy them a game based on that, and normally, you will not go wrong. Some gamers are so passionate about the industry that they will be excited to play any title you find for them.

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There are several webhosting services available today in the internet industry. The price and the requirements of each method depend on the demands of the user. The most common web hosting services are free hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, managed to host and server colocation. There are several factors worth considering depending on the web hosting method the user chooses.


server collocation to host websites

The cost of hosting a website is paramount. Free servicing is the only ideal for personal blogging websites and fun sites. There are larger sites like the business websites that will require paid hosting service. Price is best-influenced y reliability, space and bandwidth of the provider. Server collocation and managed hosting services are more expensive than other hosting methods. They also have a higher bandwidth and space as well as access and control to the equipment.

Business websites are required to be up and running all times. Free web hosting is not reliable as the user has no control over the servers. The website also is filled with lots of pop-ups and adverts. The shared hosting also depends on the bandwidth. The most reliable method is the dedicated hosting and collocation hosting. The user has access to the servers, and the bandwidth is purchased to host the website reliably.

Some web hosting methods have more security risks. Free and shared hosting is not ideal for websites that containing secure information. The e-commerce websites provide more sensitive information like customer credit card numbers. The security of the websites is crucial and requires reliable web hosting methods.

The bandwidth determines the amount of traffic a website can handle. The higher the bandwidth some traffic increases without bringing the site down. Free hosting and shared hosting have significantly insufficient bandwidth allocated to the user. The traffic is, therefore, limited. A website that anticipates more traffic should depend on managed web hosting and server collocation to host websites.

Some web-hosting services are not available is all locations. For instance server, collocation may not be available for sites that require a particular provider in a given area. In such cases, users will have to choose the next available means to host their sites. They may not be the best but the only option. Free hosting is available for users across the globe as more providers offer the service.

Website maintenance is crucial to keep more visitors on a website. In server collocation, the business rent space and the bandwidth but they manage the equipment of their own. The site will require IT teams to cover the maintenance of the servers. In other web hosting servers, the provider is mainly responsible for maintaining the servers. Therefore, the speed in the maintenance of the broke down the server to get the sites up may determine the services the user will; choose. Web sites requiring regularly maintenance and to be up every time will require the user to have more access to the servers.

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If you are a mid-sized organization with heavy online needs and presence, having your dedicated server with the right specifications can be prohibitively expensive. You need a lot of expensive support structures besides the server. You need to have back generators and UPS for uninterrupted service, high bandwidth network, technical support and maintenance, security for the server and custom built Structures. All this is very expensive. Co-location facilities are places that provide space, power; bandwidth and technical support for your server. There is the concierge service provider in the server world. They do your support work while your team does the productive work.




  • The flexibility of the colocation facility. You need a place that can accommodate your needs and budget. Tier 1 is appropriate for small business. The higher the tier level, the higher the levels of uptime and redundancy.
  • Technical support and availability. Always choose colocation facilities with 24/7 expert support and availability. It’s the whole point of seeking such facilities. The engineers should also be certified to offer support.
  • Availability of redundant and resilient infrastructure. It includes the network, power and building.
  • The facilities should be ISO and PCI compliant. It means it adheres to high standards and will most likely not disappoint. Other important certifications include SAS70and SSAE16.
  • Physical security of the premise is also important. The building should at the very least have CCTV cameras and lockable cabinets. Any additional measure is welcome addition.
  • Price per square foot. Seek the best value for your money. A colocation service shouldn’t cost an arm.
  • You need facilities you can scale up as your business grows. It’s very inefficient to keep on moving to a new colocation service provider.



Colocation offers numerous benefits. The most obvious being the cost of bandwidths. It offers higher speeds and better redundancy for connections. In the case of power outage, colocations have better protection. They can ensure your business keeps running even in a hurricane. They are built to protect against the worst. It’s also important to realise you still own the server. You control the server maintenance, operating system and other things. In case, you don’t have an IT team, or you can hire the colocation team to maintain the server for you. Besides increased physical security, you get a more reliable service with data security. It also means in the case of any catastrophic happening in your office; you secure.

Computer Tech Clipart

Depending on your area of location, Server colocation is just an alternative. Finding a good centre is not easy. It must be within reasonable distance from your offices otherwise you have to hire a maintenance team. Other choices you have included cloud hosting, dedicated servers and virtual servers. It’s also important to note you billed monthly depending on your usage. The choice ultimately lies in your needs and physical realities. The best choice is always a scalable option.


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