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9 Important Features You Should Look For In An Email Provider

You Should Look For In An Email Provider

Whether you are managing a personal website or a business website in Malaysia, you are going to need an email provider for communication purposes. This is especially important if you regularly communicate with readers and customers via email.


There are a lot of factors that you have to consider when choosing an email provider. Below is a quick overview of the most important features you should be looking for:

  1. Spam filter –

The provider should have a spam filtering system which separates urgent messages from spam. Without a spam filter, you will be wasting a lot of time reading unsolicited messages.

Spam filter


  1. Integration –

You should be able to integrate your email with other online services like calendars and apps. This allows you to work faster and finish tasks quicker.


  1. Ease of use –

Writing and sending messages should be as easy as possible. Furthermore, you should be able to easily track down unread messages or messages that you are yet to respond to.


  1. Advanced features –

Advanced features refer to functions that are designed specifically for your business. This can be a tool, software, or an app that you can connect with your business website.


  1. Storage –

Your email account always comes with a storage capacity. Needless to say, you should find one that offers enough space for your saved and incoming messages.


  1. Reliability –

The downtime rate for your emailing system should be 99% or beyond. In short, it should always be available.


  1. Security –

Hacking emails is a serious problem. If other people can easily access your emails, then they can steal valuable and sensitive information from you.



  1. Archive capabilities –

There has to be ways for you to save, organize, and store your emails.


  1. Reputation –

The email provider you choose should have a good reputation in the IT industry.


These are the features you have to look for if you want a reliable and efficient emailing system. Before you get the services of a Malaysia web hosting company, make sure that the emailing system they offer has most, if not all, of these features.

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Benefiting from Server Co-location

The decision to go with server co-location means the movement, consolidation and potential expansion of your data systems. With proper and effective design, you will reap the benefits of better management in web hosting, bandwidth, outage protection and security, just to name a few benefits.


What is Co-location?


Co-location entails turning over the hard and soft faculties of data center management to a full service provider that will maintain their processes. It is a way to have an infrastructure without necessarily spending the money larger corporations do with their team of IT pros and equipment. A smaller business may not have the capacity to compete on those levels, but cannot ignore the need for data centers and what they bring to operations.


Reasons for Co-Location Servers


The bottom line for these services is reducing cost of overall IT management without minimizing the potential to be competitive in a world of rapidly growing technology that is absolutely critical to success. With co-location, a business no longer has to concern itself with designing, building, securing and maintaining a data center or the technology, power and cooling it needs. Co-location offers a scalable solution that can be managed and redesigned to their changing needs without a need to search, buy, install and maintain upgrades on UPS and HVAC needs, backup generators and manpower.


Greater Bandwidth Capacity



Bandwidth requirements continue to grow as solutions like cloud computing become the norm. A good service provider offers diversity in co-location. There’s no better way to improve network performance and stay competitive without having to concern yourself with ever-evolving tech that seems to be impacting how things get done. Service providers can counsel and implement the solutions you need based on the most advanced tech.


Exceptional Support


Instead of needing onsite professionals, co-location offers 24/7 local support. There is always access to someone to troubleshoot, answer questions and assist with the IT infrastructure. A good service provider is already prepared to deal with your issues, ensuring you have options at all times.



Data Protection and Security


With a new story about data breach in the news all the time, and data regulations becoming stricter and penalties getting more expensive, data breaches can be disastrous for smaller businesses. A server co-location promises stronger access deterrents and plans for everything from natural disasters to fire. They can also have onsite security and camera surveillance.





It can be costly to maintain a data center that has 100 percent network reliability. Your provider can develop network configurations that deliver functionality and availability designed specifically for your needs.


Server co-location is becoming an attractive option for data centers. It leaves room for scalable solutions without worrying about space, hardware, software and staff. It gives you more room to grow products and services, as opposed to using resources to facilitate the data center. The key benefits to cost, management and security and the impact on your productions are unparalleled.

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3 Ways You Can Grow Your Small Business with the Right Email Host


Some people believe that email is a sub-par means of communication due to the prevalence of spam, but those people are greatly mistaken. For every 10 junk emails a customer receives there is one gem in there that they actually care about. That’s the reason people keep checking their email even though the majority of their normal communication now takes place via text message, Facebook, or Twitter. Sometimes, email is best. This is often true for businesses whether they are using email to communicate with their staff or with their clients. Small businesses that realize the importance of email can benefit greatly from choosing the correct email host. Below are X reasons why choosing the right email hosting service can help you grow your small business.

professional e-mail hosting service

#1 Prove to your customer your business is around for the long haul. Not all email hosts are going to be around in 5, 10, or 20 years, but your business will be, right? Do you know any businesses with emails ending in anymore? Gmail and Hotmail, while arguably more sustainable, have no guarantee of being household names in 20 years either.

#2 Look, sound, and be professional from day one. Sure transparency is nice, but if you are a one man shop it’s hard to be taken seriously in the professional world with an email like Conversely, looks and sounds much more professional. It’s also easier to remember.

#3 Scale your business with minimal effort. Stick with a mainstream email provider and you will waste a lot of time coming up with variations of your name, purpose, and profession that haven’t already been taken. Choose the right email hosting service and you can set up any email name you want within seconds and never have to worry about adding that temporary staffer, service or department to the email directory.

Email is a widely used and effective means of communication. Investing in a professional e-mail hosting service will make your business expandable and credible. Ask yourself, if you aren’t willing to invest in your own business why would your customers? Keep your communications from ending up in junk folders by ensuring they are perceived as “ham,” yum, not “spam.”


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