5 Reasons Why SMS Broadcasting is an Essential Aspect of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy


With virtually every niche and industry crowded with countless brands, competition for businesses is tighter than ever. That’s why business owners often have no choice but to beef up their marketing tactics. The goal is to reach an audience that every other venture is working round the clock to win over. While social media marketing, SEO, and paid ads are all effective methods of getting the word out about a brand, SMS broadcasting is an equally beneficial strategy that no business should overlook. This short list contains the reasons why SMS broadcast tactics are an essential part of any effective digital marketing strategy.

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  1. Mobile Phones Are Everywhere – Not everyone carries a laptop in their bag, but nearly everyone has a mobile phone in hand at all times. By leveraging this basic fact, marketing professionals can reach a relevant audience at any time of the day, and provide them with important information regarding promos and offers for them to pick up on as soon as the message is sent out. This makes it easy to give real time updates that could generate profitable consumer action immediately.phones-hero
  2. Greater Chances Of Being Read – Unlike emails received through mailing list memberships, SMS messages have a greater chance of being read. That’s because consumers are generally programmed to open and read a text message, as opposed to reading emails which is often optional, especially when they already know what it’s about.product-catalogue_Header_1
  3. Prominent And Reliable – When marketers send emails to a person’s address, there’s a chance that the message will neither be read nor seen at all. That’s because some email platforms automatically mark messages as spam, filtering inbox contents and removing any emails that seem irrelevant. With SMS however, marketers can be sure that each message will push through without worry of being filtered or sent into a spam folder.ca55c06d-ac6f-436f-aa8e-bbe492cc1eea
  4. Short, Sweet, to the Point – Consumers prefer shorter messages that don’t require too much time or effort to understand. With text messages, business owners can be sure that the complete message will be communicated and understood. This is because consumers are more likely to read through an entire text message than they are to read a blog post, an email, or a piece of direct mail.personal-touch
  5. Personal Touch – When a person receives a text message, they often get the sense of familiarity with the sender because messages received on a phone are often considered personal. By heading straight into the prospects’ mobile phone inboxes, brands develop a more familiar and personal identity that improves their reputation across the board.

SMS broadcasting can be very beneficial, as long as it’s used the right way, and a marketing strategy will only be effective if it’s comprehensive. This is why business owners should consider to incorporate SMS broadcasting tactic into the overall marketing strategy, to achieve a wider reach, a better reputation, and increased sales.