5 Cool Tips For Maintaining A Dedicated Server Host

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Choosing the best hosting service for your website is an integral part of business growth. Finding the right hosting service can be daunting, but with the right information, it’s easy. If you’re thinking of expanding or launching a large business online, a dedicated server is a great option. Dedicated servers, unlike shared servers, allow you to solely control and maintain every aspect of your server software. This helps you save costs on network administration, internet connections, routers, and security systems. Here a few handy dedicated server tips you should know.


1)    Don’t forget to do some backup. If you have a lot of data stored on your server, a backup is vital so that you can’t lose potential data. Be aware first of the particular content that’s most valuable to you, then perform regular backups not to lose important files. Save your backup file somewhere else besides your server. Sometimes a server may experience a fatal crash and end up losing all data.

2)    Make a unique password. Always make sure your dedicated server has a unique password. A password combination with numbers, symbol and characters, and both lowercase and uppercase letters usually make a much secure password. Make sure your server password has at least 8 characters in it to safeguard it from malicious hackers. You can also change your passwords regularly as you see fit.

3)    Update your dedicated server frequently. To stop your server from experiencing any slow activities, you have to make sure it’s up-to-date with the latest version. Check with your software vendor to find whether there are any updates available for your server.

4)    Protect the dedicated server with a good antivirus. Security is a crucial aspect of every dedicated server. A good antivirus makes sure your server is free from any malicious threats online. Make sure you scan all programs before you install them on your server to minimise potential loss or damage to files. It is also important to use an up-to-date antivirus program all the time to fully safeguard your server.

5)    Ensure your hosting service offers exclusive customer’s privileges. Go for a web hosting service that provides special package deals to customers. For instance, your host should provide a guarantee on replacement of both malfunctioned and damaged products. Your host should also be alarmed to install any additional software if necessary.

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Thinking of getting a strong and reliable dedicated server? Dedicated servers, unlike shared servers, allow you to experience seamless installation of software and administrative tasks with excellent control. Your customers also enjoy the sheer amount of data and enhanced control available on their end. If you’re seeking help with dedicated servers in Malaysia, the country has an array of reputable services you can trust. The tips shared above should help you find a strong dedicated server that’s suited for your business needs fast and easy.